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174 Heroin overdose in Cincinnati Ohio in 6 days! Wtf

Great Googly Moogly! What are they putting in that shit now? I don’t care what anyone says, this clearly is a bad batch. But it’s a roll of the dice or playing Russian Roulette with your life when you use illegal drugs. Hell it’s rolling the dice when you take prescription medications.


Housing projects plagued with heroin in Huntington, West Virginia on August 19, 2016, adjacent to a string on overdoses earlier in the week. On August 15, 26 people overdosed on heroin in a Huntington neighborhood over the course of four hours. All 26 were revived, but there were two other deaths in the area that authorities are unsure as to whether or not they were related. Like many places all over the country, opiates (both pills and heroin) are a massive epidemic. CREDIT: Andrew Spear for STAT/The Boston Globe


The original numbers were startling enough — 30 heroin overdoses across Cincinnati in a single weekend.

Then they just kept climbing.

Another 78 overdoses and at least three deaths were reported during a 48-hour period Tuesday and Wednesday.

And at the end of last week, after a six-day stretch of emergency room visits that exhausted first responders and their medical supplies, the overdose tally soared to a number health officials are calling “unprecedented”: 174.

On average, Cincinnati sees four overdose reports per day, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported, and usually no more than 20 or 25 in a given week.

But pure heroin is what’s responsible for that average. And that’s not what’s on the streets now, they say. The culprit responsible for the staggering number of 174 was likely heroin cut with the latest opioid boost meant to deliver consumers a stronger, extended high — carfentanil. That’s a tranquilizer for, among other large animals, elephants. And it’s 100,000 stronger than morphine.

For now, law enforcement officials have been unable to track down the source of the toxic cocktail, but believe the spate of record-high overdoses could be caused by a single heroin batch laced with carfentanil.

State, local and federal authorities have mobilized across Hamilton County — home to Cincinnati — to investigate the source or sources, Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan told the Enquirer.

Synan also heads the law enforcement task force for the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition, which was created so public health and law enforcement officials from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky could collaboratively combat the heroin epidemic plaguing the tri-state area.

Additional heroin overdoses reported in that area, plus New Jersey, tipped the total to 225+, according to reporting on Fox 13 News Now.

In the same time period of the Cincinnati overdoses, 13 were reported in Jennings County, Ind., last Tuesday, 12 were reported on Wednesday in Montgomery County, Kentucky, and 29 overdoses linked to free samples of heroin, marked with a Batman symbol, were reported between Tuesday and Thursday in Camden, New Jersey.

That comes after 27 people overdosed during a five hour period on Aug. 15 in one town in West Virginia….‘this-is-unprecedented-174-heroin-overdoses-in-6-days-in-cincinnati/ar-AAicOAz?li=BBnb7Kz





I’ll add this. What’s the easiest way to get rid of the problem? Get rid of the addicts. Maybe someone figured out a way to stop the drug epidemic. Make that shit less desirable. But think about it, if you are an addict and you see people dropping dead all around you, would you stop using? Drug addicts are like lamb to the slaughter. And they just can’t help it.

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Cara Beckerles ACTUAL court documents pertaining to her arrest for selling marijuana

screenshot_2016-08-28-22-13-40.pngListen. I DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE. I DON’T KNOW CARA BECKERLE. I’m just a blogger whose been writing for years. I have no personal agenda. I have no ILL will towards them, but I hate liars. She told a bold faced lie on the news and people are still attacking me. So here is MORE information. Hopefully you’ll believe what your eyes see.







I have no reason to lie or fabricate anything. I’m not paid for this.I just want the truth to be told.

Aleah Beckerle is still missing and having a mother who lies on camera makes things even more complicated. She is a liar. As you can see. Listen stop coming on my blog complaining and accusing me of lying. She didn’t get clean and even had a warrant for her arrest. She’s probably still a user. Good grief.

And here’s the link to do a search on EVERYTHING I’VE WRITTEN. DON’T TRY ME.


Better… And search away.

Sorry about the terrible link. And if she can look the reporter in the face and lie like that then look at the camera and lie, what else is she lying about? A liar cannot be trusted.

She could have been up front about it. People would have respected her more for the truth. Even if the truth is terrible say it! But your daughter is gone and you’re lying to the people who you want to help you? Seems narcissistic to me.

Everything that’s in the video that I created is true. You will see that I left a lot of information out. All these petty insults from you enablers and losers are just rolling off my back. That shit don’t even stick. Call me what you want. I can look in the mirror and respect what I see. Can Cara Beckerle do the same?

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Evansville Indiana sees a drop in Opioid use but…

That’s because they’ve found something cheaper and better and they can unfortunately act like chemists in their own little Meth lab!

When the ingredients include ( and I don’t really know) but it won’t stop me from talking about it, Drano Liquid Plumber, Ajax bathroom cleaner, Dawn dish detergent and a box of fucking Fruit loops , EVERYBODY all of a sudden decides to become drug dealers. Now what they don’t tell you is that the moment you start making this inside of your house or whatever structure you are in it actually starts the addiction process. People who are making meth are also using Meth. Which makes for a pretty shitty drug dealer. Imagine a drug dealer who can’t part with his own drugs to make money so he instead smokes up all of his shit. LOL what the hell did you even become a drug dealer for? Becoming a drug dealer is about getting money quick, not smoking up your own Supply. You never heard the saying, don’t get high on your own Supply?

Pills used to be easy to come by at first but then all of a sudden they became more and more difficult. Especially when they started taking your ID at the pharmacy counter.

Then you have got to factor in that every time you go to see a doctor and get a prescription it is on file with every single doctor. So if you go to your primary care doctor today, and then next month you go to your gynecologist, your gynecologist has all of that information and they will know all the prescriptions that you are taking.

Don’t you find it strange that he said now all of a sudden they will start looking at the drug dealers? LOL what the hell were you looking at before man?

Goddamn, are you telling me that they didn’t care about your drug abuse as long as they didn’t have to see it? Basically, keep your Zombie ass at home.


Story below…


EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) – Heroin overdoses are skyrocketing in the Tri-State and across Indiana.

Senator Joe Donnelly is playing a crucial role in the comprehensive addiction and recovery act on the federal level to reduce the amount of opioid pain pills abuse, which is a direct route to heroin.

Changing prescribing practices with doctors and making people who have overdosed get mandatory help. That measure has already been signed by President Obama.

Jennings County, Indiana had 11 overdoses in just a few hours.
Vanderburgh County has only seen 15 this year.

Lawmakers are now turning towards drug dealers.

Senator Donnelly says for the first time in 30 years, opioid prescriptions in Indiana are down by 10%. Locally, our heroin overdoses are drastically increasing.

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Evansville Mother called cops on child abusing son. This is an old story…

Good for her! This is an oldie but goodie. I’m grateful to see stories like this.

This 2 year old boy was brutally attacked by a caretaker. While the mother worked he had used Meth and beat the child.  The biological father is charged as well.

And the mother of one of the Abusers spoke up. Great job . So it’s ok to speak up. What kind of bum doesn’t stand up for a child? This boy is two years old getting best up by a grown man. Really? What kinda shit is that? Imagine if Crottis mother hadn’t spoken up? This child would have continued to be abused. Ultimately it could have ended in death.

The child’s own mother didn’t report the abuse once she got wind of it. What does that tell you about Meth users? These people have no conscience at all. They have no sense of responsibility. They are extremely violent. They should not have children. And especially in Evansville, drug tests need to be given for EVERY WELFARE RECIPIENT. Because it’s these types that usually commit some of the most despicable acts against children. Many of them sit back and wait for a check every month. It’s well known that poorer communities and sometimes lower to middle class tend to have higher drug use and higher child neglect cases as well as higher child fatalities.

People in certain communities have a LOOK BUT DON’T TELL philosophy when it comes to abuse. You sit around with your dull ass and gossip all day long. You know everybody’s business, but you never help anyone. All you’re good for is gossip. Do me a favor. #killyourself

Just because Becky has a job doesn’t mean that she’s not on welfare and doesn’t have a pathetic POS living with her. These people are never going to own up to their shitty hood. Yeah I know that everyone isn’t a drug addict in Evansville, but damn, I’m going to start a Category specifically for you guys.

The fact that there is so much cover up going on there, means these children need attention. Anytime you are writing and trying to help a child and people get you banned, there is something terribly wrong there. Anytime people support the drug addicted parents and not the child, my goodness. EVANSVILLE is in a state of emergency.


Story below…

The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office plans to formally file additional charges against three people accused of having a role on what police described as the ‘savage’ and ‘sadistic’ beating of a two-year-old boy, according to Prosecutor Nick Hermann. The two-year-old boy had extensive injuries, including bruising from his head to his chest, a black eye and swollen lip, police said. Authorities also allege the three suspects failed to report the abuse for four days.

Keith Crotti, 24, has been charged with felony aggravated battery causing the impairment of a bodily function; one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury; five counts of neglect of a dependent and two counts of misdemeanor interfering with the reporting of a crime.

The child’s biological mother, 33-year-old April Goodman, has been charged with felony neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury and five counts of neglect of a dependent, all felonies. The child’s biological father, 29-year-old Joshua Kuhlenschmidt, has been charged with four felony counts of neglect of a dependent.

On Tuesday, a Vanderburgh County judge dismissed the previous charges against Kuhlenschmidt, citing a lack of probable cause. However, prosecutors have now opted to file different charges.

On Sunday, May 30th, officers were dispatched to the apartment complex located at 2511 North Kentucky Ave for a child welfare check. Officers reported finding a two-year-old boy with numerous injuries, including a black eye, swollen lip and bruising from his head down to his chest.

While police were at the apartment on Sunday, the child’s biological father arrived at the apartment complex. Based on witness accounts, police concluded that he had been at the apartment numerous times and saw the child’s injuries but failed to report the abuse.

As Eyewitness News first reported, Crotti’s mother, Belinda Campbell, placed the 911 call that led to her son’s arrest. For Campbell, doing what was right was far more important than protecting her son, despite the grief it continues to give her.

“It’s not any easier today than it was yesterday, believe that,” Campbell said. “There were people here that knew about the situation and didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t hesitate and unfortunately, it was my son who did it.”

The case, which has prompted a visceral reaction from within the apartment complex at 2511 North Kentucky Ave as well as social media. Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann understands it but, unfortunately, cases of child abuse happen all too often, he said.

“Some of these cases that go viral like the Cincinnati Zoo incident, everybody is talking about it. Everyone is on Facebook talking about it,” Hermann said. “But here you have an instance where a young child was severely beaten and injured and didn’t get medical attention for several days. I think it’s important for people to realize that this goes on in our community.

We get cases like this on a regular basis. They don’t get a lot of press.”

A prevailing factor in many child abuse cases is drug use, especially methamphetamine which continues to have a stranglehold over Southwestern Indiana. Many cite the use of methamphetamine and heroin as the reasons why the number of CHINS, or child in need of services, cases climbed from 16,000 in 2014 to 20,000 in 2015, according to Child Protective Services statistics. Additionally, the Indiana Youth Institute reports 24.3 chidden per 1000 children were abused in Vanderburgh County in 2015.

“When you use your substance as an excuse, ‘oh I was drunk; I was high; I had been injecting drugs in my veins and I don’t remember doing this;’ to me, that’s not a mitigator. That’s an aggravator,” Hermann said. “The fact that you had committed a crime prior to committing another crime, that should enhance the penalty, enhance the sentence.”

Campbell said she plans on visiting her son at the county jail in the coming days. While the decision to call 911 wasn’t an easy one to make, she has no regrets, she said.

“They don’t ask to be born. They’re miracles from God. They don’t deserve that,” Campbell said

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The Justice For Aleah Facebook page created by me was deleted

Unfortunately due to continuously being banned and another page that was created as a supplement was automatically banned, I’ve made the rational decision not to post on Facebook again. The blog on Demarco Roach alone has received over 25,000 views, lol banning me on Facebook was stupid. Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve only fueled me to blog elsewhere. The best way to get me to shut up is well, play nice. But since you wanna ban and report people, well now.

I received a message from Australia telling me how much they love my writing. You just fucked up.

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The rise of Meth. The horror has begun

I’m going to provide some stories, 15, for you that are recent as of August 26, 2016.

I only included the first 15.

1. Water in Baltimore springs have tested positive for trace amounts of Methamphetamines. It’s not an emergency situation, it’s a preventative measure issue the needs to be addressed

2. Karen Louise Else flushed Meth down the toilet during raid. She’s 48

3. Federal Agents seized 35 tons of a chemical used to make Meth at South Carolina Charleston Port

4. Traffic stop in Palestine TX for an expired tag leads to arrest for 200 grams of Meth seized.

5. Nelsonville man arrested for manufacturing Meth

6. Trace amounts of Meth was found in the air at Mountain Point High in Phoenix

7. Holland man who purchased $450 worth of Meth in 2014 was given 6 years prison sentence

8. Man used Meth in front of 2 year old and gave Meth to two dogs, one dog died as a result, the other had to be euthanized

9. Topeka man Faustino Soto gets 35 years for Trafficking Meth

10. Drug Bust in Williston North Dakota seizes $30,000 worth of Meth

11. Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer John Fisher Jr arrested for Trafficking Meth

12. Utah man Blake Arcand, by way of Canada was busted with 2 million dollars worth of Meth. The largest seize yet it is believed

13. Sylvan Beach Meth lab leads to arrest of 4

14. Santa Cruz traffic stop leads to Arrest in Meth possession

15. Fairfax Mayor Scott Silverthorne arrested for Possession of Meth. He gave the drug to someone in exchange for sex

Do you get my drift? Do you see my point? Do you understand the life behind this drug? Crack has nothing on this. I grew up during the Crack epidemic, but I was just a child and couldn’t understand what was happening around me. Today drug abuse is a punch to my gut. I have no right to judge a person’s lifestyle. Especially if you are not hurting anyone but yourself. But as you know the story of Victoria Marten and the despicable act that was committed against her, Drug addicts did this. Meth heads did this. Negligent parent, insanity and pure evilness did this. You cannot tell me that addiction didn’t play a role in the madness behind this crime. Stephen King shuddered today at this story. Wes Craven turned in his grave.

Here is a short video of the effects of Meth. If you are easily bothered by drug abuse please do not watch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you know why I post this? Not as shock factor or to get an arise of emotions. I do it because I want you aware. I want you talking to your children. I want you hip. I want you educated. I dont want you ignorant. There is no way for me to determine who all read my blogs or just visit my page. And since I don’t know, I’m talking to all of you. Talk to your children. Tell them that a cute name like ice ultimately isn’t cute. A pink little crystal that looks like candy isn’t candy. It’s Meth and it’s highly addictive. Users become addicted at first use. Tell them that THIS IS NOT A PARTY DRUG. This is the drug to take when you don’t care anymore and want to die and fuck up your entire life. This is the drug you take when you want to lose your kids and everything else that you have.

We all have someone in our family or have a friend with addiction issues. We usually blame addicts for becoming addicted, but what about a drug that has components that cause unsavory cravings? Don’t be an enabler, but don’t be too hard either. The ultimate problem is with the FIRST EXPERIMENTAL USE. Its the first time you say, I’ll just try it. With Meth, that isn’t the smartest move. You might want to back up from that thought. Treat that thought like an oncoming Semi. Get out the way of it.

Drugs and parenting DO NOT go together. It’s like oil and water. There is no way to mix them. The drugs ALWAYS WIN. If a parent is using Meth and ever been arrested for it, take the kids away no questions asked. It’s harsh? Oh well. Their parenting skills are out the window. Yes our foster homes will be full but that’s better than our children ending up being injected with Meth and then raped and stabbed then dismembered!

We are arresting parents for going to the store and leaving their 8 and 9 year old at home alone, but other parents are doing meth in the presence of their kids, placing them in ovens and refrigerators. Listen I know damn well we won’t catch them all. But some of the stories I’ve been blogging about lately like the case of Aleah Beckerle, her stepfather is a Meth head, Meth found in the home, drugs sold out of the home, Cops were called out several times. Yet the mother keeps her children. Let me guess, as long as you feed them and have beds you’re a great mom huh? Fire every mother fucker in Evansville Indiana Child Protective services. Problem with these organizations is they are friends with a lot of these addicts in the community and they don’t want to offend. These social workers are buddies or went to school with Cara Beckerle so they don’t want to do their job. Then when a child is missing, all of a sudden it’s, “OH SHIT! I SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING” Non integrity having bitches. I CANT stand those fuckers. They want a check but don’t want to do their job.

A lot of them are easily bought off. Taking pay for overlooking negligence.

Where do we go from here?

I know law enforcement is overworked with this one.


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A complete video of All key players in the Aleah Beckerle disappearance.

I worked for hours composing my first movie. It is 8 minutes long, but well worth the watch. I feel like a real producer and I’m so happy to do it for Aleah Beckerle.

This video involves all key players in the case and instead of reading 30 blogs, you can watch a video on the basics.

Please enjoy. Share if you like.

This video is not everything. But it is a direct response to Cara Beckerle stating why the neglect charges came . She didn’t admit to selling drugs. She attempted to make light of the situation. The video she posted is NOT transparency. It’s more lies and more deceit accompanied by fake tears .


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Victoria Marten and the horrific death she suffered.



What is going to the Evil disgusting sinister pieces of shit that did this to her? There is only one punishment worthy of them and that’s the EXACT SAME WAY that they killed her.

They don’t deserve to be in jail, they deserve a swift brutal death. There is no forgiveness, there is no restitution. Our tax paying dollars should not go to anything but the horrific death that they deserve.


The extended family of this girl and her friends must be disgusted and outraged!

I can’t even write this. I just can’t.

download (13)This beautiful angel.

Oh the horror. Just horrific, unthinkable, unspeakable. Please Donate money to everyone who responded. Please Donate to the city. Please Donate to her family. Please Donate to law enforcement. Please help. Please.


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — On the day a girl was going to celebrate her 10th birthday, she was found dead in her family’s apartment by Albuquerque police officers, her dismembered remains wrapped in a burning blanket.

Details of what New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and law enforcement officials described as an unspeakable crime emerged Thursday in a criminal complaint made public and filed against the girl’s mother, her boyfriend and his cousin. The three were taken into custody late Wednesday night.


Police say the girl was injected with methamphetamine, sexually assaulted, strangled and stabbed before being dismembered. Albuquerque Public Schools identified the girl as Victoria Martens, a student at Petroglyph Elementary School on Albuquerque’s west side. In a statement, the district says school officials were having hard time wrapping their heads around the girl’s brutal slaying.

Martinez said in a statement the abuse and killing of the girl “is unspeakable and justice should come down like a hammer.”

A caller told a police dispatcher before dawn Wednesday that there was a disturbance in the apartment, said Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden. Officers who went to the apartment complex in a middle-class neighborhood found the gruesome crime scene.

“This is a horrific tragedy for our community,” Eden told reporters. “I want to assure the public that we will pursue justice and we will make sure that we exhaust every resource into this investigation.”

even veteran officers who responded were devastated by the disturbing scene.

“I would ask the citizens of Albuquerque keep the first responders who had to enter that scene today in their thoughts and prayers,” Albuquerque Police Officer Tanner Tixier told the station. “What these gentlemen and women saw – no human being should ever have to see.”

By Thursday morning, a makeshift shrine for the girl had emerged underneath a tree at the apartment complex – with relatives and friends leaving flowers, balloons, stuffed animals and lit candles.

The girl’s mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, her 31-year-old boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, and his 31-year-old cousin, Jessica Kelley, face charges of child abuse resulting in death, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. Gonzales and Kelly have also been charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor.


Gonzales denied having anything to do with the girl’s death as he was led out of the police station in handcuffs late Wednesday as reporters yelled questions at him. The girl’s mother said nothing as she was led out and placed into the back of a police car.

Police said Kelley was hospitalized late Wednesday and will be booked after she is released. No details were disclosed about why she was hospitalized.

According to the criminal complaint, the mother told police Gonzales drugged the girl so he could calm her down and have sex with her. She said Kelley held her hand over the child’s mouth and she stabbed the girl in the stomach after Gonzales had choked her.

The complaint also states that the mother told investigators that Gonzales and Kelley dismembered the girl.

One of the police officers who arrived at the apartment found the girl’s body in a bathroom, rolled up in a blanket that had been set on fire. The officer put it out.

Gonzales has an arrest record stretching back to 2004, including a felony child abuse charge, driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest. It was unclear whether he was convicted of most charges, but he did plead no contest to a charge of child abandonment.

Kelley’s arrest record includes battery, domestic violence and drug charges – most of them dismissed. Online court records show no criminal history in New Mexico for Martens.

Mug shots of Martens and Gonzales released by police showed them with bruises on their faces. In his statement in the criminal complaint, Gonzales said his cousin hit him and Martens with an iron.

Martens and Gonzales made their first court appearances Thursday afternoon and both were ordered held on $1 million cash-only bonds.

Christie Zamora said the girl attended her gymnastics class every Saturday and always seemed happy.

“She was incredibly social,” Zamora said while visiting the makeshift memorial. “It’s just so tragic.”

Neighbor John Madrid frequently saw the girl around the complex and in the morning, waiting for her school bus.

“It just hurts,” Madrid said, crying.

A birthday celebration was planned for the girl for Wednesday afternoon after she was supposed to return home from school, Laura Bobbs, a local minister, told the Albuquerque Journal.

“I just imagine what that baby was going through when they were killing her,” Bobbs, the child’s godmother and a friend of her grandmother, told KRQE. “God. I can’t.”

Bobbs said she had planned the party and that they were going to have pedicures and manicures and eat cake.

She broke down sobbing and yelling Wednesday outside the apartment complex as detectives investigated.

“Who does this to a little child?” she asked. “Oh Jesus. Oh what evil.


I am sorry I cannot post their photos on my page. I can’t look at them without trembling and shaking and quivering, I will not post those photos but I will provide a link for you to go and look at the photos yourselves. I will not be providing their photos on my blog I am not putting them on my fucking page! Bad enough I had to do that shit with Debra Wollner and James Wilson, I’m not doing this shit for these two bitches!

There’s the link! Have at it!

I’m shaking like a leaf from this story. I don’t like to cross stories, but what the FUCK do you think happen to Aleah Beckerle? She’s surrounded by Meth heads. Mom has a meth addicted boyfriend. You tell me how she’s innocent!

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James Edward Wilson Jr will be on the news tonight… don’t get too excited

He’s already claiming that he has no idea where Aleah Beckerle is. He may possibly play the victim. The story starts at 6, Indiana time. Of course I’m not there so I expect that those of you who will watch it knows to keep the conversation going.

Here’s an excerpt

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) – Jess Raatz spoke exclusively to James Wilson Jr. at the Vanderburgh County Jail on Friday.

“I don’t want to be labeled a monster,” he said. “I’d like to tell everyone what really happened.”

Wilson was wanted for beating a homeless man into giving a false confession in the Aleah Beckerle case. He was arrested and charged with battery and two counts of criminal confinement on Wednesday.

On Friday, Wilson admitted to hitting the homeless man in the mouth with his fist but denied hitting the man with poles. He said he has no knowledge of Aleah’s whereabouts.

Jess Raatz will have more on her exclusive interview with Wilson on 14 News at 6.

The link to the 4 second clip is here.


Please watch this if you can.

James Wilson states that he doesn’t know what happened to Aleah but that he feels there’s more to the story. He questions how someone could enter a house and no one hear anything. 

He also mentions that he didn’t beat Martin with a metal pipe. 

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Sharing the music of aka the beats music…. not for the faint of heart.

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