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Man Shoots and kills his wife, then kills himself.

Was this about her having an affair? Was she having an affair with a neighbor? Some people seem to think that, but without any proof, it shouldn’t be speculated upon. The reasonable reaction when you feel that someone is going to shoot you is what?
Well some people might run for any public place they can find. She chose the neighbors house. It’s obvious that Christopher knew he would kill her that day. Most people, the moment the fight escalates to the public eye, they retreat. He didn’t care and decided to gun her down like a criminal. That is such a selfish act and what a coward. Hypothetically, if she were cheating on him, that is no reason to bring a gun into the situation. You deal with it responsibly.
This woman, Margaret had 3 children. She is a mother of all things. This family will be distraught to learn of this tragedy. Domestic Violence is being contributed to so many deaths these days. Men are not leaving their families when things go wrong. They aren’t walking out like they used to when the going gets tough. Now they kill you, and then kill themselves so that they don’t have to pay for their crimes. Such a selfish act and it proves that maybe he never loved her. He might have been controlling her all this time, and perhaps she didn’t have a way of escape.
A lot of women find themselves in these abusive relationships and when they try to leave and find a safe place, the spouse/partner immediately jumps to the defensive and begins to control her.

Many of these men use threats of intimidation. Some of them use their size and economical abuse as well. There are also stories of men threatening to take the children from the mother in order to keep her. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, Get out. It’s just that simple. Don’t end up like this mother. Possible reasons that she was murdered.

1. She was having an affair and was trying to leave him and he refused to let her go.
2. He was having an affair and wanted to rid himself of her.
3. He was abusive and neither was cheating, but she wanted out, and he killed her to keep her from leaving him.
4. She found out something bad about him and was going to expose him and he killed her.

This stuff all sounds like LifeTime Movie topics, but they ring true, and possibly in time, a reason will come to light as to why this senseless murder took place. Worse comes to worse, this man was just a psycho and thought it a good day to murder the mother of his children.
story below…

A husband and wife were found shot at a home on Chamberlin Trail in the Indian Lakes subdivision off Michigan Avenue, according to St. Cloud police.

Police said 36-year-old Christopher Durinick shot his wife, 37-year-old Margaret Durinick, and then turned the gun on himself.

Law enforcement officials arrived at the couple’s home around 9:00pm Tuesday. They said they found Christopher Durinick dead and they transported Margaret Durinick to the hospital, where they said she died later.

Police said the couple was in the middle of a domestic dispute inside their home, and when Margaret ran next door to a neighbors house for help, Christopher followed after her and shot her. The neighbor quickly responded, shooting Christopher before police say he ran back inside his home and shot himself. Christopher was pronounced dead on the scene by St. Cloud Fire Rescue officials.

WFTV spoke to a woman who said she was at home with her kids when she heard a loud pop, then she heard yelling.

“The husband and wife got into an argument of some sort. She ran outside the house he came after her with a gun and she was shooting at her as she was running for help,” she said.

Margaret’s Facebook page says she worked at Universal Studios. Margaret and Christopher are survived by their three children, ages 6, 3, and 1.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. whatever it was shame on you for talking bad about the dead and he should not of killed her and stop attacking his family…the family had nothing to do with it..both families have to pick up the pieces and try to move on with their lives…I find it horrible that people just sit around and throw crap out there and do not know everything…and even though it has been 2 years the family has not moved on..there is still a lot of hurt and pain….so why not give it a rest with the personal attacks on the far as he is concerned…it is sad that he did not reach out for help…and maybe this could of been averted…but the bottom line is the children are left with no parents..that is the tragedy of it all…pray for those kids because some day they will have to be told…I just cannot believe the stuff I am reading….man people are so clueless

    Comment by Barbara Jean | March 2, 2013 | Reply

  2. he, is now in therapy . She was with him earlier on the day of her death . I know they had sex that day . She rodewith him after he left work . This I learned today . ive said all I need too . My feelings about her character will never , c hanged hopefully her children will find a better mom than they had .

    Comment by Anonymous | September 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Bull shit she worked that day and went try o a bar after work I wason the phone with him on an off all day last time I spoke with him was at 8:15 when she pulled up I’m not saying what happened was right but he needed mental help he really believe she was cheating I have known Chris since he was 12 yes old

      Comment by Anonymous | April 12, 2012 | Reply

    • You would be comical if you weren’t so sad and pathetic. She’s guilty for what she did but your boyfriend is innocent because she “seduced” him. You know nothing about men! He chose to cheat on you with her so get over it. He chose to cheat on his taxes and is a criminal, or at least by your account he cheated on his taxes. If he didn’t like what you say she did then he could have had her fired, investigated, or even arrested but he didn’t. He made his choices , told his lies and then he got caught because her husband killed her. Her husband is a murderer, she and her children are the victims (not you), your boyfriend is an opportunist who is trying to play the victim and you are just a jealous, bitter woman who couldn’t hold onto her man. Face it, he cheated on you, he will cheat again, and he’ll use this incident or another excuse to cheat again. Find a man who will love you for who you are and not one who will love you until something better comes along. Not only are sad and pathetic but you’re blind as well. At least I hope you’re blind because if not then you’re just stupid.

      Comment by Anonymous | May 26, 2012 | Reply

  3. If she had been home with her children instead of out in a truck with her legs spread every other night , calling my boyfriend and telling him how she loves him and was going to leave her kids and husband …….maybe those kids would have parents . she knew the last guy she was committing adultery with was in a six year relationship. He told her he wasnt going too wreck another family. She didn’t care …. She wanted too wreck life. I am glad I did not know this when it was happening. I feel for her husband. he felt he had no other choice . She picked up men through her work , filed illegal tax info for them , and then pursued sexual relations with them . Communicated on her face book account. husband finally caught her affair with my boyfriend. He wasted his life on a whore.

    Comment by Anonymous | September 14, 2011 | Reply

    • As a New Yorker, born and raised, I’m a skeptic through and through. That may be why I find your response comes at a convenient time to disparrage Margret and has the tenor of the responses which come from the murdering husbands friends. Those responses putting all the blame on Margret and refusing to share any responsiblity with anyone else involved. For the moment though, let’s say you’re telling the truth as you know it to be. You say in your post, “she knew the last guy she was committing adultery with was in a six year relationship.”, that sounds like you heard this from someone and that it had nothing to do with you. You also say, “I feel for her husband. he felt he had no other choice.”, it actually sounds like you knew and were friends with the murdering husband and therefore agree with what he did. Do you agree that he was justified in committing murder? If you you do, then why is adultery which is a far less serious act not justifiable? You also say, “She picked up men through her work , filed illegal tax info for them, and then pursued sexual relations with them . Communicated on her face book account. husband finally caught her affair with my boyfriend.” How could you know any of this is fact? Did you witness any of the things you claim? Is your, supposed boyfriend, admitting to cheating on his taxes? Are you reporting him to the IRS? He also committed the crime or is that as justifiable as murder in your eyes? Let’s say she did pursue someone, that person would have to choose to commit adultery along with her. The choices would be their choices and would not reflect on you but on them. And finally, how do you know she comunicated with a anyone on FB? Did you see any messages or just hear about them? You say things as if they a fact. You really couldn’t know if these things are a fact unless you were close to someone spying on Margret, like a jealous husband. I don’t know how you know these things but it does raise questions. If your supposed boyfriend admitted anything, are you still with him? The answer to that question does reflect on you. What is a fact is the Magret was murdered. To suggest that she deserved it….well that does reflect on you too. Judge not lest you be judged.

      Comment by New York 2 | September 14, 2011 | Reply

      • i know she filed illegal taxes and was cheating. there is PROOF. it wasn’t planned. she wasn’t even suppose to go home that night he kicked her out. but if you knew her you would have known how much she pushed him to do it!! I do agree with what he did. some people want to say he’s a coward, really he was brave! he had the guts and courage to do something that no one CAN do. when someone DESERVES something, they should get it. She deserved that, and he gave it to her! =)

        you don’t know the facts, you don’t know anything so stop questioning everything in the comment above, it’s all FACTS.

        Comment by Anonymous | March 23, 2012

    • Well, I know for a fact that she cherished her children more than life itself. She tried for so many years to have a child and was then blessed with three. I think that the children are “well” taken care of. However, they are with the murderers family. So, I truly feel that they would be better off with their maternal relatives to be “better” off and to heal more emotionally. We obviously see how one sided his family is and the fact that they think he is an angel. No, the children should be with her family. And think of this, he has cheated on you once, can you ever really trust him again? Margret isn’t here to tell her side of the story. Maybe he came on to her and he is the one that started the affair????? You will never know………because there are 2 sides to every story…….and then the truth usually in the middle. I know for a fact that he was calling her and making plans with her too. So he is not innocent in this whole thing and he was all big bad Margret. Saying that she deserved to be murdered shows your ignorance. If you stay in a relationship with a cheater, that shows what type of person you are. Calling a dead woman a whore does too.

      Comment by Devastated | September 21, 2011 | Reply

      • , I can honestly say she didn’t care for her children more then life. she didn’t give those babies proper meals, baths, toys or attention. I seen it everytime I was there. it wasn’t too often but often enough to see what was going on. she never cleaned or cooked. he did everything! he was a good man,father and husband. he took care of his babies and his wife when he was working a full time job and she was a stay at home “mom”. I know those babies are at a good home with a family that loves them more than anything! her family didn’t even want or fight for those kids. I as her cousin know this. they wanted the material stuff that was in the house. (ex: computers phones iPods cars)

        I’m sorry, I can’t keep letting peoole think the durnicks are horrible. they are wonderful people that have big hearts.

        Comment by Anonymous | March 23, 2012

  4. She was having an affair . With my boy friend of six years. They met at h and r block she did his taxes . I just got a confession from him . they would go parking with him and have sex in his truck . This is what I call a whore

    Comment by Anonymous | August 31, 2011 | Reply

    • I am sorry that you got hurt in this. She was an abused woman who was very afraid of leaving her husband. When a man was nice to her and showed her attention she took the opportunity. She wasn’t a whore though. She wasn’t thinking clearly. She was one of the nicest people in the world. It didn’t matter if her life was falling apart, if you needed someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, any favor, anything, then she was there for you. Once again, I am sorry you got hurt, but it’s not just her fault.

      Comment by Anonymous | September 6, 2011 | Reply

    • Chris called me that day he told me the same thing

      Comment by Anonymous | April 12, 2012 | Reply

  5. @ A Durinick Friend, where is your outrage at the disgusting things Family of Durinick 2 is saying about murderer Durinick’s victim, Margaret.

    We AREallowed to call him a murderer, correct? Because as much as you may protest, he will go down in history as a murderer who took the life of his children’s mother!
    What a coward, a weasel, and may he rot in HELL!. Yeah, cry about all my last line, I don’t give a rat’s azz.

    @Erickaecourtney, why you even entertained these murderer apologists is beyond me.

    Comment by Lala | August 18, 2011 | Reply

  6. I as read the comments made here, I was amazed how easily the friends of the husband were able to justify the killing of another human being. It seems that she somehow drove him to commit murder because she was cheating or so his supporters claim. So what led her to cheat? Assuming that she did cheat, did his behavior drive to her it. And following the logic of the killers friends, shouldn’t we be able to justify her supposed cheating because he drove her to it. In the end we only have the word of these people, who can easily justify the killing of another human being, for her alleged cheating, What we do know for sure is that the husband murdered his wife. Also, reading the reports of the incidence it is safe to assume that he knew he would kill her. The reports all state they argued and she ran out of the house. He followed and shot her. He didn’t appear to have to waste time getting the rifle from a secured locker where anyone with kids would probably keep a firearm. He didn’t appear to have to waste time loading the rifle where anyone who has kids would keep the firearm unloaded and the bullets in separate location. The killing of the wife was a sick and twisted act and it’s justification can only be described with the same words, sick and twisted. Good luck to the spouses and loved ones of those who justify this horrendous act, you may need it one day.

    Comment by New York 2 | August 16, 2011 | Reply

    • Yes, his abusive and controlling of her is what drove her to someone else. She had decided to leave him that day. She had only been home for a matter of minutes. So, yes the murder was pre-meditated I believe. She would have escaped from him if he had to go to a locked cabinet and then load the gun. He had it loaded and hidden, waiting for her to come home. His family is all screwed up and thinks he is innocent and looking down from heaven. Unfortunately the children are being raised by his family. His brother is being investigated for having sex with minors. So, as you can see, they are all a little messed up. I seriously doubt the children will find out the truth until they are adults and then how will his family sugar coat it? To make him look like the victim. I know for a fact that Margret did not want her children raised by his family. She hated that her in-laws had to babysit the kids while she worked. She felt that they were mean and nasty to her children and didn’t take care of them properly.

      Comment by Devestated | September 6, 2011 | Reply

      • just for the record the kids are very well taken care of now and before this tradgety her inlaws took them in the am and had them all day margret did nothing for those kids ever except curse at them and verbally abuse them …………….i see the kids everyday and help raise them i dont care if you figure out who i am but to let you all know the durinicks are not mean messed up people and for the record those kids express how much they miss thier daddy not a word about their mommy and when you include her in conversations the kids want no part cause all they have is bad memories of her ……………………….so all of you shut the f… up cause you know nothing…………..signed a family member of the durinicks who is active in the kids lives everyday………….signed me………

        Comment by Wendy Durinick | October 12, 2012

  7. It’s her fault that she was cheating on him. Women like that always get killed by their husbands, the husband kills the manstress, or the manstress kills either the woman or her husband.

    Comment by LR | May 30, 2011 | Reply

  8. Cheating happened on both sides. She was trying to leave even before the cheating. She had been emotionally abused for years and found someone to take away some of her pain. Why was she killed? Because she had finally told him it was over. She was a wonderful person. He was very sick. It is obvious that his family doesn’t want to admit any fault lies on their side, that it’s all on her side. I just feel for the children and fear for them. I believe they are with his family still. They are not nice people, I have seen it personally. If I had grown up with the family that had taken away my mother like that, I would be very angry. Her family should be the ones to raise the children.

    Comment by Devestated | May 25, 2011 | Reply

  9. You know nothing about our family and anything about what happened so mind your damn business
    the children lost both their parents and that is sad but they are in excellent hands and will be cared for

    Comment by Family of Durinick | March 6, 2011 | Reply

    • FamilyOfDurinik, noone said that the children weren’t taken care of. That never came up in the story. Now if there is something that you want to reveal to my readers you may do so. It is my business to write about the stories that interest us all. Your family’s story was of importance and that is why it’s on this blog. I could say I am sorry for your loss, but I won’t. Why? I don’t have to. Moreso, it is sad to see that these children lost their parents. They are the victims here. Your family member took his life and he brutally shot his wife. Someone he was supposed to respect, love and cherish forever. He took Till death do us part literally. This is not a story of inspiration, it’s horrible. The readers of this story would wonder though, why you are so angry. You said that my initial 3 sentences were mean. Actually, they were non speculative and as the writer, I was even sensitive and said, we should not speculate. You are not satisfied with anything that is written regarding your family member. That is not my problem. The story was presented along with my views and you should deal with it. It’s not slanderous, its not libelous and it’s not defaming. Nothing said would present itself as a fact. Other than he is a cold blooded murderer.

      Comment by erickaecourtney | March 6, 2011 | Reply

      • and I never said the first 3 sentences were mean that was a friend of the durinick who said that see you can’t even get your stories correct I only wrote one thing

        Comment by Family of Durinick | March 6, 2011

      • So then, it turns out that speculation does make sense, now doesn’t it, FamilyofDurinick? See, this is how crimes are solved. Theories and speculation. It’s all common sense. Now instead of coming on this blog and attacking me with name calling, perhaps you could have said what you’re saying now. Another thing, I do not have time to try to figure out how many of you Durinicks are out there. That’s not my job. It appears to be the same person. And I don’t consider the need to seperate when they all continue to insult me. In my opinion, it’s the same character. And, why are you anonymous? If you love your family member so much, why all the secrecy?

        Now for her having the affair, thanks for the confirmation. My readers will be happy to know that. Regardless, this is still Domestic Violence and if he was so angry and upset with her, why not just leave? Why continue to allow someone to push your buttons? Why allow someone to take away your life? In saying this, if she was the culprit and was indeed a cheater, He had responsibilities as well. Did you inform him of some options that a man can take to get out of a meaningless relationship? Did you tell him how he should file for divorce and move on with his life? This isn’t something to be swept under the rug. If you and your family had any knowledge of this being a poisonous relationship and you did nothing to help, shame on you. Seems like you’re taking sides.

        Comment by erickaecourtney | March 6, 2011

      • Not taking sides what happened was horrible the children are without parents
        No saying it was right what he did
        but a person can only be pushed to a point and he was leaving until she told him something that was horrible. Perhaps something as one of the kids was not his or she was pregnant with other mans baby
        I’m sure this will all come out
        But the main concern is caring for these 3 beautiful children

        Comment by Family of Durinick | March 6, 2011

      • And No we are not the same person I have no idea who Durinick friend is or Family of Durinick 2

        Comment by Familyof Durinick | March 6, 2011

      • FamilyofDurinick, thanks for your comments.

        Comment by erickaecourtney | March 7, 2011

    • Well that would go both ways of respect love and cherish forever since she was the one who had like 6 affairs and believe me has done more horrible things they anyone can imagine so until the full story comes out you cannot speculate on what you are just hearing

      Comment by Family of Durinick 2 | March 6, 2011 | Reply

    • Cold blooded murders and love and respect and cherish is all is all very funny since she cheated 6 times on him, and believe me worse stuff was done to him by her a person can only take so much before they are pushed over the edge everything you write is speculation but its fine type whatever you want we know the truth.

      Comment by Family of Durinick 2 | March 6, 2011 | Reply

    • Well said I was on the phone with him on and off that week and I got off the phone with him at 8:15 that night when she pulled up he didn’t plan this he was so hurt cause she cheated more then once he told me everything

      Comment by Anonymous | April 12, 2012 | Reply

  10. He MURDERED HER! That is the end of it! He was insecure and that was the only way he could stop her from leaving. How anyone could hurt the Mother of their Children is beyond me. Not only did he murder her but he has now murdered a part of his children. Moogie will be missed by all!

    Comment by New York | March 5, 2011 | Reply

  11. Clearly there’s a reason you only write “blogs”…because you don’t have accurate information to which would allow you to call it “news”. It’s disgusting that you feel you have the right to write your thoughts on two people you’ve never met. You should rethink your little career choice. Because no one is interested in your accusatory, controversial little thoughts. Why don’t you focus on your own life. Clearly, it needs work.

    Comment by A Durinick Friend | March 4, 2011 | Reply

    • Well, I’ve been doing this for over 2 years. I’m good at it whether you agree or not. This story was not written with malice, it was not accusatory, it was a simple question that many people would wonder about. News is speculation and theories lead to arrests. Unfortunately in this horrible case, nothing will be resolved because the killer killed himself as well and these children now have no parents. I think that’s the biggest issue here, and not whether I’m a good writer or not. I’m not going anywhere, so you might as well get used to it.:)

      Comment by erickaecourtney | March 4, 2011 | Reply

      • You’re disgusting. Your first 3 paragraphs make it obvious how ignorant you are. You make assumptions by saying “obviously…” No one cares what you think! Your disgracing them both by spreading your diseased opinions through means of an idiotic blog. You should think about what you say before you go offending people and their lost loved ones publicly.

        Blogging is a forum of spreading information, and opinions yes, but the way you’ve pushed your opinions is hurting others. You have no idea who they were, and never will. At least post your blog with a bit of respect for other human beings in mind.

        Comment by A Durinick Friend | March 5, 2011

      • ADurinickFriend, this blog is in no way shape or form meant to be mean or callous. However, the nature of the story is ghastly at best. There will be no pretense on this blog, and there will be no lies. The only compassion that this blog will provide is for the actual victims. Perhaps you lost a friend, but these children lost their mother. Care to mention that?

        NewYork, thanks for your comments. Whoever has to explain to these children that daddy killed mommy will have to be an angel of mercy.

        Comment by erickaecourtney | March 5, 2011

    • I read all of these comments and I get that his friends and family are going to protect him and blame her for everything that went wrong. I’ve read that she was a terrible mom and he was a great guy. A family member called him a great daddy. They said the kids only speak about him and don’t want to speak about their mom. Someone also called him a great stay at home dad. Her friends and family defend her and say she was verbally abused and emotionally beaten down. That she wanted to leave. No one, especially his family and friends, seems to want to talk about that this was premeditated murder. It’s been described in the news and in the comments above how it logically was premeditated. Why was he a stay at home dad? Is it that he couldn’t find work, didn’t want to work or couldn’t hold down a job? She worked, according to a comment above she worked filing taxes. Seasonal but at least she was working. Again, the children don’t want to speak about their mom only their dad, What are they being told about her? Children that young can be made to believe anything, if you tell them a lie over and over they’ll think it’s the truth. Who are the children with that the relative sees them everyday? Are they with his family? I can’t imagine they would have anything nice to say about the mom and only glorious things about the dad. I read that the children are being well taken care of. That’s great but by whom? The family that raised a murderer? The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. I get they’re a great family, I mean, come on, they raised a murderer and let’s not forget that the murderers brother has been convicted for sexual battery in one case and has two other cases pending, Of course they’re a great family. You can say what you like but unless you were there 24 hours a day you don’t know what she endured. In the end what we can be sure of is he died a murderer. That’s how history will remember him, that’s his legacy!

      Comment by New York 2 | December 1, 2013 | Reply

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