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7 People arrested in Underage drinking Sting.

What the hell is going on? Do these companies know just what the punishment is for selling to a minor? For goodness sake, can someone please tell me because I have no idea!

On a serious note, what is wrong this these companies where they think this is acceptable? Obviously, from reading this story, one would be thinking, ” Oh the kids probably had fake Id’s and that is why they got the alcohol”. But nope, that’s not the case. These kids showed their real Id and still got the booze. So last night I was contemplating writing this story about a mother who purchased alcohol for her teen son for his 17th birthday! She purchase him an entire Keg and he and his friends got wasted for the party. Guess what? 3 of those children who drove home that night were killed in an accident. Whose responsible? The child knows that they are underage, the parents knew it and the restaurants know it as well, yet these kids still had full access to it.
Is 21 a responsible age for drinking in this country? Are our kids trying to tell us that they can handle the drink? They better not be, because in actuality, NO ONE can handle the drink. The beverage is designed to intoxicate you. It is designed to be a downer and to make you relax. Who out there knows a hyperactive drunk?

Read the story below about the mother who gave alcohol to the children for a party.

A western Pennsylvania woman is charged with serving a half-keg of beer to 16 minors at her son’s graduation party, before three of the teens were killed in an alcohol-related crash.

Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck says he did not charge 59-year-old Susan Sanders-Watt, of Greensburg, with involuntary manslaughter because it couldn’t be proven that the beer the teen driver drank at the party caused the June 26 crash. That’s because Peck says 19-year-old Michael Simpson had been drinking at another location before the defendant’s party.

Simpson and two passengers, all graduates of Greensburg-Salem High School, were also killed. Simpson and one of the other passengers were legally drunk.

Sanders-Watt did not immediately return a call to her home Friday. She’s charged with corruption of minors, reckless endangerment and providing alcohol to minors.


Now doesn’t that make you feel just wonderful? Knowing that a mother had the audacity to do this to her guests. Imagine letting your child attend a party where alcohol was assumed to NOT BE PRESENT because the children and children. But low and behold, you find out that the parents did indeed provide alcohol and that your child died because of it. Now look closely at the bottom of that story and what charges do you see? Corruption of minors, reckless endangerment and providing alcohol to minors. Should the restaurants or businesses lose their license for reckless endangerment of minors?

Read the story below of the arrests made In LaKe Mary, Florida.

Several Lake Mary businesses were caught selling alcohol to minors.

Investigators said undercover teenagers showed their real ID in each case.

Investigators with the Lake Mary Police Department said the minors gave the store clerks and waiter their ID, which indicated they were under the legal drinking age of 21 years old, but the teens were sold alcohol anyway.

A police officer with an undercover camera made the arrest.

Seven people were arrested during the sting operation.

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  1. fbi train police in art of stings using children.

    Teens act as Police Operatives to ‘Sting’ Adults who Buy Alcohol For Minors

    This type of outrageous police activity directly exploits the minors by inducing them to commit a crime (i.e.: attempt to buy a controlled substance via adults) and at the same time to try to have others commit a crime (i.e.: adult providing minors with alcohol). The police are accustomed to create criminals because they are trained to do so by the fbi thugs at the fbi academy.

    The youth of our country are thus indoctrinated into the ranks of the sociopathic police force and are rewarded by intangible benefits associated with these fascist and barbaric assaults on innocent citizens.

    The minors have no clue that the violent methods of the police are not designed to realistically address the complex social issues facing the country, but instead are a part of the police and fbi crack down on a nation in denial of its overthrow by armed hoodlums posing as law men.

    Thus the children are now used by the police as cowardly & dangerous surrogates in the now emerging totalitarian state that is the United States of America.

    While this may seem at first exciting for the youths, the damage to their psyche and to the nation is extreme and irreparable in terms of social decadence and harmful psychological programming of the masses.

    The fbi/cia have gone too far with their police programs and the result must necessarily be an unwelcome backlash by the people.


    Comment by geral | May 31, 2011

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