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Mom plotted with her imprisoned son and another inmate to kill her husband is arrested on murder charges.

A Viera woman was arrested on Tuesday, accused by Brevard County invesitgators of plotting with her son to kill her husband in 2008.

Brevard deputies arrested 46-year-old Sharon Myers on charges of first degree premeditated murder and armed burglary. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the warrant was issued after Grand Jury testimony earlier Tuesday.

Investigators say Myers planned the murder of her then-husband, 50-year-old Gary Kenney, with her son Darryl Kenney and a man named Rubin Nero, both of whom were in prison at the time.

The pair were released only days before Gary Kenney was found shot and stabbed to death in a Merritt Island home he shared with Myers on June 16, 2008, officials said.

“Investigators immediately suspected her involvement and have worked in coordination with the State Attorney’s Office to prepare and present a case for prosecution,” Lt. Todd Maddox, a sheriff’s spokesman, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Darryl Kenney, 24, was arrested shortly after deputies discovered his father’s body, when he was spotted driving his father’s truck in the area of Venetian Way and North Courtenay Parkway, authorities said.

Corrections records show Kenney and Nero, 23, were both sentenced to life in prison in the killing, in October and December, respectively. Kenney is serving his sentence in the Tomoka Correctional Institution, and Nero is serving his time in the Franklin Correctional Institution.

Records show the younger Kenney had been released from prison June 12 — five days before the suspected killing. He had spent more than a year behind bars after convictions for grand theft, burglary and aggravated battery stemming from cases in 2004 and 2005.

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